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Hi, I'm Andrea

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It looks like you’ve stumbled on my blog, welcome! I should probably introduce myself a bit more. How about Two Truths and a Lie?

  1. I’ve met Beyonce

  2. I love cheese

  3. I’ve wanted to be writer since I was little and explore the world indefinitely

Did you guess Number 1 to be the lie? Better luck next time friend! I have indeed met Queen Bey, back when she was in Destiney’s Child and no one anticipated her to become the megastar that she is.

Yes, I loveeeeeeee…to hate cheese. Many people are confused by it, but it means there’s more cheese for everyone else.

And as for Number 3, that is definitely a truth. The countries I’ve been to so far include: China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, France and USA. I’ve lived in Paris twice, the first doing a writing course and the second an art history one. You could say I’m a Francophile, but I’m ready to explore so much more of the world especially South America.

Right now, I’m planning a trip to New Zealand with Boyfriend and will finally be on a plane again in February.

So welcome to my little writing corner, sit back with your favourite beverage (I’ve got my coffee brewing), and I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you.

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